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MMP Associates is a consulting firm that specializes in nonprofit board development, strategic planning, organizational development and leadership effectiveness. Since 1994, we have enabled hundreds of nonprofits to more effectively implement their mission.

From guiding the strategic planning process to developing implementation and evaluation plans, MMP Associates works with staff and board members through every stage of growth. We support the partnership between the board and the chief executive, and provide coaching to enhance the leadership skills of executives, senior staff and board members.

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We work with nonprofits to be their most effective by focusing on five main areas.

Governance & Board Development

Great boards provide good governance, hold themselves accountable for the overall health of the organization and use their expertise to provide advice and support the organization’s work. Learn More.

Organizational Development

Strategic guidance, through the strategic planning process, keeps organizations on their course and allows leadership to shape direction and follow its priorities systematically. Learn More.

Implementation & Change Management

Knowing how to implement your strategic plan is just as important as having one. Learn More.

Knowledge Management

The hardest task is often not how to generate knowledge but learning how to better share, organize and store this valuable asset in a timely manner. Learn More.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluating programs ensures that they stay relevant, impactful and on trend for the intended results. Learn More.

Our Team

Michela Perrone | President

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Laura Baringer | Senior Associate

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Sarah Wilson Hou | Senior Associate

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Our team brings a diverse set of skills and experiences to each client.


Over the past 20 years, MMP Associates has worked with hundreds of organizations in the Washington D.C. metro area, nationally and internationally.

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We all appreciated the inspiration, analysis, and planning MMP Associates facilitated. I have received so many positive comments from our Executive Council members this week and so many words of appreciation for the helpful retreat.Dean, Michigan School of Nursing

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